Our Comprehensive 

Approach to Dentistry

When you think about the dentist, do you think about anything other than your teeth themselves? We’d venture to say that most people think about cleanings, fixing broken teeth, and the odd crown here and there. 

But comprehensive dentistry is much more than that. It is a holistic approach to the entire “chewing system”.  Teeth don't function alone and comprehensive care involves evaluating, diagnosing, and treating the entire system in order to achieve complete oral health.

We partner with you in your oral health to make sure everything is working in harmony, and it starts with a complete oral examination. This exam evaluates all the components of your chewing system to identify potential problems before they become symptomatic. 

Before something becomes symptomatic, you typically see a clue that there is a problem on the horizon. Luckily, when caught early on, these dental problems are easier and less expensive to fix.

Dr. Paresh Shah

During your comprehensive oral examination, Dr. Shah and his team will evaluate the four main pillars of care - Foundation for your teeth (periodontal), Restorability of your teeth (biomechanics), Smile and appearance (esthetics), and TMJ & muscles (function).

Complete dentistry has many specific goals:

  1. Freedom from disease in all system & structures
  2. Maintaining healthy gums
  3. Stable jaw joints
  4. Stable bite
  5. Maintaining healthy teeth
  6. Comfortable function when speaking
  7. Optimum appearance

Our Philosophy Behind What We Do

Dr. Shah and his team establish these goals and evaluate every component for each patient prior to beginning treatment. These goals are the benchmarks that identify when a treatment has been successfully completed. Not only that, they are the foundation for understanding not just the symptoms of problems, but also the underlying causes. Once a proper diagnosis of a problem or condition is determined, a variety of treatment plans will be presented.

Dr. Shah’s philosophy is a comprehensive approach to patient care, and the result is to improve your oral health and provide a stable and beautiful smile. If you would like to get current on the status of your oral health, click below to request an appointment. 

Take preventative action - contact our office for a complete oral exam today. 

What Our Patients Say About Us
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Dr. Shah is wonderful, he did an amazing job on my veneers! I finally have a smile that I love, for the first time in my life. The staff here are always so friendly and accommodating, and ever since I started coming here, I actually find myself looking forward to dental appointments! I highly recommend Westwood Dental



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